04 March 2011

Contentment Isn't Always Easy

Sometimes it's hard to focus. I would rather be reading and planning and baking and gardening than simply taking a lunch break before I head back to work. As it is, my mind starts to wander back to what I'd be doing if I didn't have to go back to work. Which is kind of funny, because I know that once I was at home, all of my nicely laid plans of planning and reading, baking and gardening would not so much come to fruition as would wrangling up the kids, tending to my husband, and trying to clean up messes as they happen so the house doesn't turn into a disaster area. Knowing that, it makes me wish I didn't have to work at all and could instead make my home keeping and kid wrangling and husband tending my full time job. I am VERY thankful that I do have a job. It is a wonderful one that God has given me. One that provides for our needs and many of our wants, while allowing my husband to stay home with the kids and finish his engineering degree. And I try to remind myself that (Lord willing!) me working is only a short term solution until my husband finishes school and lands his career. I really do try to be content with whatever situation I find myself in. It's just kind of hard on the slow days, when crocheting and meal planning, seed trays and soap making are calling my name. Loudly.

Various varieties of pepper seedlings

01 March 2011

Peas, Please!

On Saturday (2/26), we planted about 200 pea seeds- 50 of the "Green Arrow" variety which will grow on a trellis up to about 2 feet tall, and 150 of the "Champion of England" variety which can grow on a trellis up to 10 feet tall! Due to a desire to grow as cheaply as possible while also avoiding planting directly in the ground due to a disease of Bermuda grass, I planted the peas in salvaged gutters along the south wall of our house. The trellis will be made from PVC pipe and fruit netting. It's not the prettiest setup at the moment, but i'm hoping a wall of green will soon distract from the, um, unique containers. Here's hoping we are overrun with peas!